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worldwide_spn's Journal

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Supernatural Around the World
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A fanworks challenge for Supernatural fans all over the world.

worldwide_spn was inspired by 50states_spn, a fanworks challenge based on local myths/ customs/food etc. of the United States. But where that challenge focuses only on the United States, this one is focusing on everywhere else.

There are countless Supernatural fans not living the in US. This is their chance to introduce their countries through food or landscape, legends or myths. It can also be a chance to get Sam and Dean out of their familiar environment and see how they fare in a foreign place. Or, if you really can't get Dean into a plane and don't want to resort to other characters less scared of flying, you can always bring part of that foreing place to them.

That is not to say that US Americans can't participate. Everyone is welcome! But the story or artwork must focus on a country other than the USA.

After the first challenge was over, this comm has turned into a normal comm for open posting of anything that fits the spirit of that original challenge. See the a href="http://worldwide-spn.livejournal.com/14056.html">rules</a> for more information.

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