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-Community Rules-

As of this moment, this community is open as a normal fanworks community. Here are the rules, some of which are copied from the rules of the first round of the challenge:

General rules

- Every piece of fanwork posted in this community must focus on something particular to a country other than the US. It can be food, music, traditions, history, sports, local ghost stories or what not. It is said the lake nearby is haunted? Go for it! Your favourite restaurant serves a burger you think even Dean would get on a plane for? Awesome. Or just have Castiel emergency land in your local mountains and get lost. Pick whatever you like, as long as it's a unique part of that country.

- It is not strictly necessary to have your work take place outside of the US. However, even if it doesn't, it still has to focus strongly on whatever it is from your chosen place that the characters are dealing with. Mentioning in passing that the weather is bad in China does not meet the requirements of this community.

- You don't need to be from the country your work is presenting. You can have your work focus one more than one country.

- All ratings and genres are welcome.

- You can submit fanfic, fanart, fanvids and any other medium you can think of.

- You're welcome to crosspost older works that fit the requirements of this community.

- RPF is not allowed. All fics have to be based on the show.

- Crossovers are allowed, but the main focus must be on the characters from Supernatural. Having Dean and Sam run into trouble with Torchwood while on a trip to Wales is okay. Have Torchwood hunt a wendigo in the States and randomly bump into the Winchesters for a minute is not okay.

- All stories must be written in English, for obvious reasons.

- This goes without saying, but be nice to each other. Be respectful. No flaming, no bashing, no racist or homophobic comments or any of such bullshit. If you feel offended by anything or see something you find inappropriate, please send me a message so I can check it out.

Posting formalities

- There's no specific template that has to be used for posting here, though you are very welcome to use the template from the challenge. However, what you must do is include the country/countries your work is focused on in the header. Warn for all things that could be triggery for anyone. If you fear a warning will spoil the story, you may white it out or hide it behind a cut, but at least give your readers/viewers the chance to be warned. If you post a fanfic, you also need to include at least a summary.

- Use tags! Tag for your country, the characters, medium and genre. If you need a tag that's not there already, chances are I will notice and add it. If it's not been added after a couple of days, please send me a note.

- If you have a question about a specific country or about how Americans might behave if confronted with [x] etc., ask away. Please use the tag #question for it.

- If you are looking for a beta, especially if you're not sure about your English and are looking for someone who knows what they are getting into, you may also make a post to ask. Use the tag #betas for it. (These posts will be deleted as soon as a beta was found. To make things easier for me, it would be awesome if you could add the word "Found" in your subject line once it applies.)

Anything else? This is the place to tell me!