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Sports Challenge Sign-Ups Final Reminder

This is your final reminder that the sign-ups for this year's challenge are closing tomorrow. To be exact, they'll remain open as long as it's the 15th anywere in the world, which seems only fair, and end some time tomorrow after I dragged myself out of bed and in front of my computer.

So this is the last change for those still undecided to make up their mind. So far, we have only 6 sign-ups. More would be great, but if they don't come, we can still make this awesome on a very small scale. Personally, I'm looking forward to writing my story.

Second Challenge: Sports | Sign-up

Sign-ups open until September 15th!

To sign up use the following form:

You don't have to settle for a medium yet. This point is just for me to have a general overview.
You can sign up for more than one piece of work and for more than one country.

For the first challenge we had a beta post, where awesome people offered their services to the authors and so also helped some writers who weren't confident in their English to find the courage to post a story in a language not their own. It would be fantastic if this would happen again. So, whoever is willing to beta, please comment in the post above!

The Olympic Games are running full force, so what better theme to choose for the second and perhaps last big challenge than sports? This is the place for you to introduce your (chosen) country's relationship to sports, or tell us which sport is especially popular, or which ones aren't. Or whatever you can think of, really.

Wintersports, summersports, indoor, outdoor, water, land or air - go wild. Write AUs about Sam and Dean being swimmers training in England, or a story in which Ellen Harvelle goes to France to train the national rugby team, or have Castiel watch TV and not understand why those girls in the glittering red-and-white jerseys are doing flip-flops on a ten centimetres wide balance beam; as long as it's in some way tied to a country that is not the US and sports in however wide a field, it's more than welcome. The rules are pretty loose here, as long as you teach us a little bit more about your country of choice through fandom.

As always, any medium is welcome. Fic, art, video, manip... whatever you can think of. For more details, check the rules. If you have any questions, ask them here or send me a PM.

Sign-ups are open now. Here's the schedule for this round:

Sign-ups: August 1st - September 15th
Rough drafts (fic only): December 20th
Posting start: January 5th

That should give you enough time and hopefully give no one but me any stress over Christmas and New Year.

A template for easy pimping:

Now excuse me - before I go to the gym, I want to watch the award ceremony of our rowers...

Art: German Summer

Title: German Summer
Artist: vail_kagami
Country: Germany
Type: Art
Characters: Dean and Sam

I drew this for spn_summer_art and also as a representation of what summer is like in Germany. I guess my fellow Europeans (expect, I suppose, those from south Europe) have made similar experiences.

Pimping in Progress

For the artists among you: Until June 29th, you have the chance to send in your art to spn_summer_art. Which I intend to do - with a representation of how summer usually looks like in my country. (Hint: I already asked one of the more tallented artists in the fandom how to draw rain.) This is your invitation to do the same and share the results here afterwards.

art by lamapan

( promote ) ( prompt ) ( play )


Last weekend, the annual Eurovision Song Contest happened. Like every year, there was some confusion from the non-European members of the internet (especially fans of European shows who wanted to know why there was no new episode on that particular day) as to what the hell the ESC even is. As usual, there was some confusion among the European civilization who should be used to it by now as to what the ESC even is, why we still have it and why everyone keeps watching it despite claiming they won't because it's silly or pointless or whatever. (One answer to this particular question can be found in the second sentence of this post.)

This inspired me to open this mini-challenge, which has two themes to chose from:
1) Music
2) Weird tv-phenomenos

This is for you to either introduce the rest of the world to traditional, popular or plain baffling music from your (chosen) country - or to introduce the rest of the world to strange things that happen on tv and maybe even explain them - if you can.

The rules are very loose in this one. There is no minimum word-count for stories. You can enter fic, art, fanvids or whatever else comes to mind. The challenge will run for two months, starting now. Signing up is not neccessary.

On August 1st, the challenge will close to make room for another, bigger one that will open that day. The theme of that one is also inspired by an international event that will happen just then. You have three guesses.

Spread the word:

-Community Rules-

As of this moment, this community is open as a normal fanworks community. Here are the rules, some of which are copied from the rules of the first round of the challenge:

General rules

- Every piece of fanwork posted in this community must focus on something particular to a country other than the US. It can be food, music, traditions, history, sports, local ghost stories or what not. It is said the lake nearby is haunted? Go for it! Your favourite restaurant serves a burger you think even Dean would get on a plane for? Awesome. Or just have Castiel emergency land in your local mountains and get lost. Pick whatever you like, as long as it's a unique part of that country.

- It is not strictly necessary to have your work take place outside of the US. However, even if it doesn't, it still has to focus strongly on whatever it is from your chosen place that the characters are dealing with. Mentioning in passing that the weather is bad in China does not meet the requirements of this community.

- You don't need to be from the country your work is presenting. You can have your work focus one more than one country.

- All ratings and genres are welcome.

- You can submit fanfic, fanart, fanvids and any other medium you can think of.

- You're welcome to crosspost older works that fit the requirements of this community.

- RPF is not allowed. All fics have to be based on the show.

- Crossovers are allowed, but the main focus must be on the characters from Supernatural. Having Dean and Sam run into trouble with Torchwood while on a trip to Wales is okay. Have Torchwood hunt a wendigo in the States and randomly bump into the Winchesters for a minute is not okay.

- All stories must be written in English, for obvious reasons.

- This goes without saying, but be nice to each other. Be respectful. No flaming, no bashing, no racist or homophobic comments or any of such bullshit. If you feel offended by anything or see something you find inappropriate, please send me a message so I can check it out.

Posting formalities

- There's no specific template that has to be used for posting here, though you are very welcome to use the template from the challenge. However, what you must do is include the country/countries your work is focused on in the header. Warn for all things that could be triggery for anyone. If you fear a warning will spoil the story, you may white it out or hide it behind a cut, but at least give your readers/viewers the chance to be warned. If you post a fanfic, you also need to include at least a summary.

- Use tags! Tag for your country, the characters, medium and genre. If you need a tag that's not there already, chances are I will notice and add it. If it's not been added after a couple of days, please send me a note.

- If you have a question about a specific country or about how Americans might behave if confronted with [x] etc., ask away. Please use the tag #question for it.

- If you are looking for a beta, especially if you're not sure about your English and are looking for someone who knows what they are getting into, you may also make a post to ask. Use the tag #betas for it. (These posts will be deleted as soon as a beta was found. To make things easier for me, it would be awesome if you could add the word "Found" in your subject line once it applies.)

Anything else? This is the place to tell me!

Voting's over

So it's been decided, then: a clear majority of you has voted to turn this into a normal, themed fanfic community with ocassional challenges.
So starting May 1st, this will be a place where everyone can freely post their stories as long as they concede with the theme of this comm, i.e. stories that take place in, or focus on aspects of countries other than the US. But there will also be challenges every now and then - possibly themed ones, meaning challenges focusing on sports, or food, or historical events etc.. How do you feel about that idea?

Tomorrow, I am going to put up the rules for the open posting, which will be few and simple.

For now, in the spirit of this comm, have a picture of Sam and Dean hunting aboard:

You can blame Mr. Padalecki for this one.


So, what now?

Now the first challenge is over, it's time to decide what to do next. There are several ways this community could go, and I don't want to decide that on my own, since it concerns you, too. So here are the options:

What shall we do with this community?

Turn it into a normal, themed fanworks community with open posting.
Let it remain purely a challenge comm and start preparing for round 2.
Turn it into a normal community with sporadic challenges like the one that just ended.
Let is rest in peace.

The question goes not only to the members but to everyone interested in this comm.



Without further ado, I present to you the masterlist of posted works!

And cut!Collapse )

For those of you who like statistics: Of the 74 works that have been signed up for, 23 have been delivered. Of the 39 countrys that have been signed up for, 24 have not been represented at all (though one of them was replaced with another). Of the 15 countries that have been represented, the biggest number of works were posted for England and Germany with 3 for each country, followed by France, New Zealand, Mexico and Spain with 2.

There are 8 works of (literal) art, 10 fics, and 5 combined pieces. 1 Stories has additional artwork listed.


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