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Sports Challenge Masterlist

Better late than never... well, that seems to be the general theme of this challenge. And better some than none, too.
Even though I am late with this, I want to thank all those four who participated in this challenge. Since there were so few sighn ups and some drop outs, those that remained did their best to deliver, even if life and motivation threw obstacles in their way. And they all did deliver, even if not always what they signed up for. So thank you all for your hard work and your creativity!

Under the cut you'll find the very short masterlist of entries, sorted by country.


Wincester vs Wincester
Author/Artist: amberdreams
Type: art
Sport: Soccer / Football

Title: Ashes to Ashes
Author/Artist: dizzojay
Type: fic and art
Sport: Cricket
Summary: The brothers' new case leads them to entirely new experiences - with mixed results.

Title: scared that you won't be waiting on the other side
Author/Artist: hipokras
Type: fic
Sport: Soccer / Football
Summary: Soccer AU. Castiel is the Arsenal defender who's being courted by New York Red Bulls agent Sam Wincher for a transfer. This is twenty-four hours in Dean's life, during which he tries to be assistant coach to a bunch of crazy footballers, and tries to sabotage his brother's grand plan to steal his club's star player. Which he does by sleeping with said player. Stellar plan.


Title: The Ball Is Round (So that the Game Can Change Direction)
Author/Artist: vail_kagami
Type: fic
Sport: Soccer / Football
Summary: Growing up as hunters in a tight family unit, there are many things Dean Winchester never expected his little brother to do. Becoming an international soccer star is one of them. Also, it would have been nice if anyone had ever bothered to tell him. (Canon AU)

The Netherlands

Title: Going Dutch
Author/Artist: tattooeddevil
Type: fic
Sport: Soccer / Football
Summary: Finally, Dean gets to go to Amsterdam and save some hookers. They’re just- orange?!


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